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A Classic Collection

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Barn & Farm

Telephone Exhibit
This collection includes tools and materials used in the trade as well as some older telephones. Of particular interest is a cable spinner developed and used by a local resident to install and maintain lead cables during the 1930's and 1940's. In 1999, with a grant received from the Independent Telephone Historic Foundation, the exhibit was expanded to preserve the step x step switching equipment from the Weldon, Illinois office. Visitors can make a telephone call from one end of the exhibit to the other and view the progress of the call being made.

Farm Museum
This classic collection, housed in the two lower building, includes vintage tractors, a threshing machine, a replica of a reaper made by Cyrus Hall McCormick around 1834, and scores of well preserved old fashioned farm tools.
Left: The Martin Sprague Memorial Bridge
The Martin Sprague Memorial Bridge is a replica of the sturdy Indiana-style covered bridge which was well known during the period. Located in the lower pasture, the bridge connects the C. H. Moore Homestead to adjoining grounds and is used extensively during the Apple 'n Pork Festival in September.

The Carriage Barn
Tour the century-old barn and enjoy the display of vintage buggies and sleighs

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