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Step into the Basement of this restored Victorian Mansion.

Click images to enlarge. The Mansion

The Kent Museum

The Kent room contains a wealth of memorabilia including a chronicle of the early history of DeWitt County, a collection of World War 1 weapons and many Indian artifacts. Items from all over the world are included in the display. Historical pictures line the lower level hall and represent moments of history to be pondered and remembered
The Prairie Room
The Prairie room is a single room depicting an early log cabin in DeWitt County and devoted to the furnishings used by early settlers during the 19th century. A necessity for this early living quarters was the fireplace which was used for cooking as well as a source of heat during cold winters.
Display Room
Informative displays are housed in this room and are changed from time to time. This area provides a means of displaying the museum's varied collection of historical items.

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