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C.H. Moore and Abe Lincoln

Clifton Moore and Abraham Lincoln were both early arrivals to Clinton. Moore came in l84l from Pekin, law degree in hand, and became the town's first resident attorney. Lincoln arrived with other attorneys of the Eighth Judicial Circuit for the first time in October l839 and attended court in the newly constructed small frame courthouse. For twenty years Lincoln visited DeWitt County twice a year, spending over one hundred evenings in Clinton.

Lincoln and Moore served together in many law suits as representatives of the Illinois Central Railroad. An interesting fact is that during Lincoln's legal career he tried more cases in partnership with Moore than any other attorney.

During the years l856 to l858 Moore shared his law office with Lincoln. They also shared a love of books. Lincoln, an avid reader, would often take a book to read while bumping along in his buggy on his circuit rides. Moore acquired a large collection of books through the years, as many as 7,000, and added the two-story library to his home.

Moore, a great supporter and promoter of Lincoln's political endeavors, helped organize a Republican Barbeque with Lincoln as major speaker. Following that speech Lincoln and Horace White of the Chicago Tribune, were overnight guests in Moore's large brick rural home (just east of Clinton, now a private residence).

In April, l865, Clinton churches held memorial services for the assassinated President Lincoln. Moore was chosen to give the eulogy in the Presbyterian Church . Moore said..."in him, next to God we trusted. Trusted in his honesty, that was never tarnished; trusted in his mercy, that was only equaled by Him who said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

This dress was worn at Lincoln's 2nd Inauguration by Mrs. Mary Wilson.
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This Mural is depicting Lincoln's Travels in DeWitt County.
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This China is reproduction of White House China used by the Lincoln family.
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Finding Lincoln in DeWitt County
By Helen Stites

Abraham Lincoln was a frequent visitor in DeWitt County, 1839 to 1859, where he: 
1. Gave four known speeches. 
2. Coined the famous phrase "You can fool all the people...." 
3. Served "as judge" in at least 37 court cases. 
4. Represented the Illinois Central Railroad in a damage suit. George McClellan, Stephen Douglas, and David Davis were present in the courtroom. (All four later became candidates for presidency) 
5. Learned to play billiards in a local parlor (Never before published fact) 
6. Spent over one hundred evenings in Clinton in local hotels or as guest of local citizens. 
The book is an "easy read" embellished with many jokes and humorous incidents with DeWitt County connection.

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